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01 март 2016

Новые барабаны и Throw-Off System Expand

DW недавно объявила о добавлении нескольких новых высококлассных моделей в свою коллекционную серию малых барабанов. DW широко известен как один из ведущих производителей нестандартных барабанных установок, педалей и ударных аксессуаров. Компания продолжает предлагать широкий ассортимент нестандартных барабанов для различных музыкальных применений, включая фирменные модели, такие как гибридный металлический сплав и Wood Edge. Super Solid с технологией дерева из цельного корпуса и регулируемым вентиляционным отверстием Acoustic EQ.
Новые барабаны и Throw-Off System Expand

Newly added to the list are Top Edge, Super Solid Edge, Solid-Stave and Vintage Steel models. The Top Edge (retail pricing from $1199.00-$1699.00) features a heavy-gauge alloy Edge ring at the top and X-Shell 10-ply maple below. Edge rings are available in chrome and gold only and the wood section can be customized in any available Custom Shop finish. The Super Solid Edge (retail $1499.00-$1699.00) is a 3-piece maple/walnut solid wood shell that's available in a 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4" thickness. Also added to the DW solid shell selection is the Solid-Stave (retail $999.00). Offered in Oak with a Natural Lacquer finish, Ash in an Ebony Stain Lacquer and Para wood with a Walnut Stain Lacquer finish, each can be customized in any of five drum hardware plating choices. The Vintage Steel (retail $749.00-$799.00) drums feature thick rolled 5 mm steel shells with a unique ribbed exterior. Available in Vintage Copper and Vintage Brass, each can be customized in any Custom Shop drum hardware color. A complete size selection chart for these drums and all models can be found at www.dwdrums.com/snares/features

Drum Workshop Executive Vice President and Drum Designer, John Good, comments on the company's latest snare drums, "We're really trying to make a statement with our snares this year. It's the heart of every drummers sound and I've always believed we make a quality instrument. The idea is that we truly have something for everybody. We have big, fat drums for rock guys and dynamic, sensitive drums for Jazzers. Plus, our snare drums are very versatile; you can use them in just about any recording situation. I'm very proud of what we've put together here."

A new upgrade to these drums and all other Custom Shop snare drums is the new MAG Throw-Off System. The system includes the MAG drop throw-off and 3P 3-position butt plate. The throw-off features a magnetic drop-style mechanism with unique horizontal strainer adjustment and the 3P butt plate allows drummers to quickly and easily select one of three wire tensions with the flick of a lever. The new MAG System is available in all five Custom Shop drum hardware offerings. The side-to-side Delta ball-bearing throw-off is still available upon request.