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01 апр 2016

SSC технология для барабанов Collector's серии

В постоянном стремлении предложить барабанщикам различные тональные возможности, а также новейшие передовые технологии корпусов барабанов, компания DW объявила о внедрении SSC (Specialized Shell Configuration) в качестве опции на всех барабанах серии maple Collector. SSC является кульминацией многолетних экспериментов с преимуществами ориентации волокон дерева. Запатентованные технологии корпусов такие как VLT (Vertical Low Timbre), X-Shells по диагонали и теперь VLX, их комбинация, предоставляют барабанщикам множество вариантов звуковой настройки.

Drum Workshop Executive Vice President and resident Drum Designer, John Good, comments, "SSC is great because it combines everything we've worked towards for so many years. We want to let drummers customize their look and their sound. SSC is a DW recommended shell configuration, but we invite drummers everywhere to create their own SSC. The best part is that it doesn't cost a penny more than any other DW Custom Shop kit!"

SSC Shell Technology is currently being used by legendary drummer Neil Peart and the two are featured in a video explaining the features and benefits of SSC @ www.dwdrums.com/ssc. Good explains, "Neil has been using a combination of our Custom Shop shell technologies since his R30 tour. So, who better to help get the message to the masses than Neil himself? He's such an influential player and really has an ear for how these shell advancements can improve his sound. He's also a willing student. He really wants to learn what goes into his massive tour kits."

SSC технология для барабанов Collector's серии