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01 июн 2015

DW предлагает новую отделку Bubinga Limited Waterfall

DW Executive Vice President and drum designer John Good has acquired an 800-year-old, highly figured Waterfall Bubinga log, DW’s latest addition to its highly coveted Private Reserve Series of Exotics finishes. The new product is slated for an early 2006 release. The 8.5-foot diameter find, with a yield of 115,000 square feet of veneer, is a stunning successor to DW’s Private Reserve Series finishes. Исполнительный вице-президент DW и дизайнер барабанов Джон Гуд приобрел восьмидесятилетнее, высоко фигурную древесину Waterfall Bubinga, последнее дополнение DW к своей желанной серии экзотических предметов Private Reserve. Новый продукт планировалось выпустить в начале 2006 года. Находка диаметром 8,5 футов, с производительностью 115 000 квадратных футов шпона, является ошеломляющим преемником отделки серии DW Private Reserve.
DW предлагает новую отделку Bubinga Limited Waterfall

The Collector’s Series Private Reserve Waterfall Bubinga is finished in glossy natural lacquer and may be custom ordered with any of DW’s available sizes, shell configurations and drum hardware colors (Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black Chrome and 24-Karat Gold). Also standard are DW’s patented Timbre Matching Process, S.T.M. (Suspension Tom Mounts) True-Pitch® Tuning System and Built-In Bottom utilizing VLT™ technology.

“This particular log really caught my attention,” Good said. “Private Reserve is all about finding something really special and there’s no question we’ve done that here. You’re not just buying a drum set, you’re acquiring a one-of-a-kind instrument.”

Prices vary depending on exact finish and configuration.