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01 сент 2015

DW DVD релиз Billy Ward’s Much Anticipated Follow Up

Известный нью-йоркский сессионный барабанщик и педагог Билли Уорд делится своим уникальным подходом к установке ударных на последнем выпущенном DW DVD под названием «Voices In My Head». Набор из двух дисков включает в себя всеобъемлющий урок, посвященный джазовой музыке, и последнюю запись Билли Уорда Трио «Out The Door».
DW DVD релиз Billy Ward’s Much Anticipated Follow Up

Billy sums up the DVD in his own words, “‘Voices’ is mostly about three things: First, what is ‘jazzy-ness’? Next, I describe the ways in which a student can apply these ‘jazzy-ness’ skills to the real world. Finally, I break down exactly what I played on ‘Out the Door’ and why. There are other things as well. It’s a kaleidoscope of information for viewers to filter out what’s most important to them. I’m concerned with advancing certain skills such as aural and physical. This movie shows a lot of physicality. There are quite a few solo pieces, more than on my last DVD. I really hope to awaken some ears to the melodic and harmonic essence of drumming. In a nutshell, this DVD is designed for those who want to sound like Bernard Purdie, John Bonham or Jeff Porcaro. It’s a road map on how to get there.”

This is what Modern Drummer magazine had to say about the Billy Ward Trio’s debut effort, “This gentle Scofield-esque instrumental jazz flows like a lazy river. Thoughtful and dynamic, with excellent production, the guitar/bass/acoustic drums lineup plays for the music, not the ego. The trio is rhythmically and melodically connected, soaring gracefully like birds in flight, together, yet each with their own unique pattern. Ward’s drumming is organic, sensitive, and poetic”.

The DVD also includes interviews with several other notable East Coast drummers about their philosophy on Jazz and the art of playing the genre. Filmed in high definition with multiple camera angles, “Voices” makes the viewer feel as if they are Billy’s private students. With over two hours of total content, “Voices” features lots of bonus footage, including half-speed segments for optimal practice.

“Voices in My Head” retails for $39.95 and is available now at authorized DW DVD retailers and online. Running Time: 90 minutes/ Total Content: 128 minutes. Encoded for all regions around the world.