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AMP тренировочный 8" с метрономом

AMP тренировочный 8" с метрономом и резьбой для...

  • НАЛИЧИЕ: товар отсутствует и возможно снят с производства

  • Описание

    AMP тренировочный 8" с метрономом и резьбой для крепления на стойку, бренд AHEAD

    Recommended by teachers and students as the ideal practice tool for drummers. The interactive pad helps drummers improve their control, speed, endurance, flexibility and timing in a variety of standard and odd-meters— making practice more enjoyable and efficient.

    • Combines the benefits of conventional practice pads and metronomes
    • Has the educational advantages of onboard electronics
    • 8mm threaded mount
    • Soft, gray gum rubber pad
    • Earphone jack
    • 10 different beat patterns
    • Selection of 9 preset rhythms
    • Tempo Range: 30-250 bpm
    • Patented drum meter stroke counter to measure progress
    • Built-in speaker with adjustable volume
    • Realistic feel
    • Improves technique without ear damaging volume

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    Категория Пэды
    Длина 178 мм
    Ширина 210 мм
    Глубина 25,4 мм
    Вес 0,567 кг
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