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01 авг 2015

DW Launches New Vertical Grain Exotics

Drum Workshop has announced the addition of five distinct new Vertical Grain Exotic (VGE) woods to its existing line of Collector’s Series Exotic finish options. In addition to offering a half dozen woods from around the globe, drummers can now choose from an array of rare finds that are vertically and artistically matched to create a truly unique high-end look.
DW Launches New Vertical Grain Exotics

The woods are hand-selected by Drum Workshop Executive Vice President and drum designer, John Good, and are the result of a continued search to provide players with the ultimate custom drum experience.

“There were always so many gorgeous exotic woods that we just couldn’t use because we laid everything up horizontally,” Good said. “The issue was getting these logs in a large enough dimension to completely finish a bass drum. With Vertical Grain Exotics, we’ve found a way to take what nature has already made beautiful and turn it into a work of art.”

VGE finishes are available in Macassar Ebony, Red Gum, Movingue, Cocobolo and are finished over DW’s custom all-maple or all-birch shells. They can be combined with any of DW’s Custom or Specialty Lacquer finishes and drum hardware colors.

DW’s Collector’s Series® Vertical Grain Exotics also feature DW’s exclusive Timbre Matching process, True-Pitch® Tuning, S.T.M. (suspension tom mount) system, Built-In Bottom with VLT™ technology and more. Pricing is based on custom options and configuration.

DW Launches New Vertical Grain Exotics